You Have to Go Through A Journey to Get to A Destination

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"The Dynamos of progress (Eternal Life)"

s I grow older, I learn that there is no real gain in life without some sort of work or sacrifice involved. We cannot sit in a chair and expect to walk without effort…we have to get up and will ourselves to put one foot in front of the other.

Those wanting to achieve a physically fit and toned body usually have to take part in major work-out sessions to gain muscle. They usually have to resist eating tempting foods in order to stay low on calories. Ask someone who is just beginning to keep healthy fasts – it isn’t easy, at least not in the beginning.

Those wanting a deep and personal relationship with God must spend regular time in devotion. God-realization is not enough to accomplish this goal – it requires daily prayer and meditation.

We all want great big things for ourselves, but how many of us are willing to do what we are asked to do to achieve it? We want our lives changed but are we willing to change our lifestyle?

These questions were going through my head as I realized one of the things I constantly pray God for is to be blessed with God-like qualities. I always pray for saint-like qualities like tolerance, patience, love, humility, etc.

What I have learned over the years is that in order for God to bless me with growth in these areas of my life, He has to work on me.

For example, I cannot grow in tolerance until I am put in close proximity with someone I cannot stand. God cannot develop the virtue of patience in me until He has me wait for something. As uncomfortable as those situations can be, God uses them to bear fruit in us.

My parents migrated from India to America before I was born. Upon landing here, they were immediately blessed with more than they had wished for. They got the Rolex watch, the Mercedes, the Dream House, and the happy family. It was Heaven on Earth for them. But things did not stay that way. My parents separated, we sold the dream house, and went through some family challenges.

At that stage in life, because things changed so suddenly and drastically, it felt like we had descended from Heaven into a journey unknown. But God was doing such an amazing work in our lives even though we couldn’t see it right away. Letting go of the house itself was a lesson in humility. It came with the realization that it takes years to build a home, but only a moment to lose it. And the realization that it takes only a single moment for everything to change (except God).

God held our family’s hand through it all. What should have been a difficult time wasn’t that bad. And today our family of four is living joyfully with the understanding that ---through God---Heaven or peace can be found in so many different ways.

My point in mentioning these examples is that even when we think we are going through a rough time, God is working wonders for us. Those times when it hurts most usually also take us to a level in life we otherwise cannot get to. My point is not to say being miserable is a good thing. I just want to offer motivation and remind myself and others not to fear the journey. Because only by going through a journey does one reach a destination.

It would be naïve to assume that just because we have God in our life everything will always feel perfect. No, there will be seasons, just like there is rain but also sunshine. Even Lord Ram Ji was sent to 14 years of exile. But the reassuring truth is that God will be with you through every season. And you can cling to Him. You may go through challenges in life that make you want to question God…it’s okay to get upset just like we would get upset with our own fleshly father, etc. But what is important is that we never let go of Him. If we truly want God’s will to be done in our life, we have to trust Him even when things don’t make sense.

It is true one has to go through a journey to get to a destination – but when your destination is God; the journey is always fulfilling.
Arti Nehru is an on-air news reporter for KPSP Local 2 (CBS) in the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs area. You can watch her during the evening newscasts.

Arti received her Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She did her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley where she completed a major in Mass Communications and minor in English. Arti dabbled with her first major print and broadcast reporting assignments while she was in graduate school. This included exploring life on Capitol Hill while reporting as a Washington D.C. Correspondent for 7 CBS affiliates in Montana.

From there, Arti joined WKAG Channel 3 covering news along the border of Tennessee and Kentucky where she did it all from anchoring and reporting to shooting and editing all of her stories. She got to cover many military stories at Ft. Campbell (and ride a World War II aircraft!). She also had opportunities to interview Miss USA 2007 and then-presidential candidate Fred Thompson. During her time there, Arti thoroughly enjoyed being a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. As she was getting ready to leave, the mayor of Clarksville presented Arti with the “Key to the City” for her commitment to the community.

Before coming to Palm Springs, Arti reported for the ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara. At KEYT-TV, Arti covered anything and everything happening in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and San Luis Obispo County. Her favorite moments were following high profile trials, reporting from the fire lines and getting to interview Angelina Jolie on the red carpet.

In her free time, Arti loves to read, travel, volunteer in her community and spend time with her family. Arti has been mentoring children for more than 8 years now. Currently, she has about 20 youngsters she looks forward to spending time with each week!
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