My Hiking Trip

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"The Braves Arise "

It all started at the bottom
with a thought that I would come down halfway.
With a feeling of excitement
and a moment of open mouths.

I start my journey to the top and
won’t stop until I reach my goal.
I promise myself to finish what I start,
thoughts burst into my mind like bulletins

How windy is it up there?
How does it look?
Is it cold?
I am half way there and am pumped

I gaze at the flowers’ beauty and the grass
as in my mind, I thank my parents
for challenging me to hike.
I am almost there and nothing will stop me.

I inflate with excitement as I get closer with each step.
Finally I reach the top right after Arman and get so happy.
It’s nothing like I expected and
the song “We are the champions” is stuck in my head

The way down was easy
Once I got down I went to the campsite, to my tent
There I lay sleeping, dreaming
A wonderful dream of donuts

*Shyan Koul is a 9 years old, 4th Grade student from Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A. His interests are story reading, music and travel.

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Shyan, You are very good when you want to be. I enjoyed your account of the hiking trip. Keep it up.
Added By Arun Koul
I felt similarly when we got to the top with you all ! I loved your poem it was great
Added By vishvesh dhar
Good to read your poetry once again. You do inspire me to try my hand in just being like you.
Added By BL Dhar
Your poem was breath taking,i wish i was with you during your recent hike,keep it up,you are special
Added By Chand Bhan
Dear Shyan, Keep hiking and keep writing. It is nice to read your poetry. Good luck and may god bless you.
Added By Chander Mohan