Prātā kālā! myeti antā gāśha

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प्राता काला! म्येति अन्ता गाश
Swami Vishna Daas

Bhajhan played by: M K Mongha/Kaka Ji

प्राता काला ! म्येति अन्ता गाश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
लटि म्वख हावमो गटि करत नाश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
ज़न्मादि ज़न्मन ग्यूर आम फेरान
छुस हालि हाऽरान ड्येन्शथ कर
जल हाव म्वख पनुन छुम न बरदाश्त मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला ! ---- १

भक्ति भाव सूत्यन वति चानि नेरय
कति छुख आसान पाऽगाम सोज़
नत दिम पननुय प्रोन यादाश्त मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला !-----२

मुह गटि मन्ज़ छुस वथ छमन इवान
सत्ग्वर हावतम सत्चुय वथ
वथ् हाव नोन त्राव सीर्य प्रेकाश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला !----३

हनि हनि फूरुस ह्येथ मनि कामन
शाहरन त गामन कति आसि यार
छुख पाताल किन्य छुख आकाश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला !----४

न्येर्वासन वनत कति चोन आसन
अन्धकार कास्तम वन्दयो प्राण
करतम "सोदि -वान्यिन" हिश बाऽश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला !----५

कल्पनायि रोस्तुयि कलहो वन्दयो
कलि चानि राऽविम न्येन्दुर त नेह
व्वल व्यन्य 'विष्णस' अभिलाश मति
छम चाऽन्य आश म्येति पूरन कर
प्राता काला !---- ६

prātā kālā! myeti antā gāśha matyā
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara
laṭi mvakha hāva moha gaṭi karta nāśh mati
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara

zanmādi zanmana gyūra āma pherāna
Chhusa hāli hā'rāna dyenśhata kara
jala hāva mvakha panuna chuma na baradāśhta myeti
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara1

bhakti bhāva sutyena vati chāni neraya
kati Chhukha āsāna pā'gāma soza
nata dima pananuya prona yādāśhta myeti
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara2

muha gaṭi manza chusa vatha chamna ivāna
satgvara hāvatama satchuya vatha
vath hāva nona trāva sīrya prekāśa myeti
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara3

hani hani phūrusa hyetha mani kāmana
śhāhrana ta gāmana kati āsi yāra
Chhukha pātāla kinya chukha ākāśa mati
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara4

nyervāsana vanta kati cona āsana
andhakāra kāstama vandayo prāṇa
karatama sodi vānyina hiśha bā'śa mati
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara5

kalpanāyi rostuyi kala ho vandayo
kali chāni rā'vima nyendura ta neha
vvala wyana viṣṇhasa abhilāśha mati
Chhama chaina āśha myeti pūrana kara6

Translated in English--Chaman Lal Raina
Homeland campaign after the mass exodus of community from valley drove Mohan Krishen Mongha alias Kaka ji to dig into the layers of time and get to the roots of the intellectual and cultural ethos of the Kashmiri Community. Starting with active participation in the communities fight for survival and identity in the aftermath of communities genocide in Noida (NCR DELHI) right from day one by throwing open the gates of his factory for running and registering of the Kashmir Migrant Welfare Association, Noida besides being a field worker of PK(united). In 1993 Mohan ji took lessons in Indian light classical music which brought him in contact with his spiritual mentor and later his Guru Swami Mastbab ji in Noida coinciding with growth of a small garment fabrication business estab.1986 into a multi crore export business. The opportunity to graduate from a casual singer of kashmiri bhajan to a serious student of Veda and Vedic rituals came in 1996 when Swami ji ordained Kaka ji to assist Sh. M.L.Wangnoo in conducting and performing Ashtami Hawan at Karal Ashram every month as was the practice in Patoli Ashram, Jammu. Since 2008 following the Guru Aadaish (advisory directive) Mohan ji has stepped aside from day to day routine activities of mundane world and is devoting full time seva between Anand Dham, Hushur Ashram, Kashmir established in 1954 by Yogiraj Swami Nandlal ji and Swami Nanadalal Ji Ashram , Karala New Delhi established in 1992 by Swami Mastbabji.
Mohanji is born 1957 in “Paldev Vaasgargi” gotra and is a descendant of Swami Maneh Kak Mongha at Habbakadal Srinagar.
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Bhajan Bhakti bhaava Se Paripuurna is Bhajan Ke Liye Shri Mongha Ji ko Hamaari Aur se Shubha Kaamnaye! We had a Bhajan sandhya at Ajmer, and Mongha Ji recited many Bhajans ,which had a soothing atmosphere around. Jaya &Chaman Lal Raina
Added By Jaya Sibu
This bhajan reminds me of my childhood days when my parents used to recite this bhajan in the morning. Liked this style of singing by Shri Monghaji.
Added By Chandramukhi Ganju
Beautiful bhajan sung by Shri M.K. Monga
Added By anita pandita
A great effort by the magazine mentors. We should always encourage such Bhajan recitals and lesser known artists. Jai Ho Swami Mast Bab Maharaj ki !
Added By Ravinder Pandita
Please add 'Challi" in the last para. In the line " Walyi wannya Vishanas Challi abhilash matya, chammah ch..."The word Challyi be added please. Jai Ho
Added By Ravinder Pandita
Thank you for pointing out this lapse in the line
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Those were the sweet days when this popular song was almost on every Kashmiri's tong. TODAY'S REFLECTION is more sweeter and applies 'Zandoo Balm' to the sweet pain of present times when KP's are far of there roots. I would love to listen the audio of it, but does work on my computer, asking for some plugin. will some one help me pl.
Added By subhash razdan