JKPF organizes Seminar on ‘Crisis in Kashmir’

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JKPF organizes Seminar on ‘Crisis in Kashmir’
Jammu (India) Aug 21, 2010

A seminar was organized by Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Forum (JKPF) presided over by Sh.Pawan Kolhi and the topic was "Crisis in Kashmir. Causes and Remedies" at Jammu Club auditorium.

The main participant speakers were Syed Asgar Ali, MLC , Peoples Democratic Party, Sh.Abdul Majid, Chairman Muslim Federation , Sardar Gurdev Singh , Chairman Akali Dal Nationalist, Sh.Hira Lal Bhat, Gen.Secy., All India J&K Vichar Manch, Dr. Suchwant Singh, Spokesperson Akali Dal Badal, Sh Bali Bhagat of BJP and Sh. Tulsi Dass Langeh, President BSP.

Before starting the seminar, one minute silence was observed to pray for the departed souls who lost their lives in the natural calamity of cloud burst in LEH. It was asserted by all the speakers with unanimity that communal hormony be maintained in the Jammu region at all costs.

Syed Asgar Ali deliberated that the only solution was to empower people at district level in line with the self rule propogated by the PDP with changes whatever the people of the state felt better. The Gen.Secy of the Muslim Fereration Mr. HA Sadiqui, also appealed to all to maintain communal harmony and be united at this hour of test in the Jammu region and not to react to the statements and policies of trouble makers. Sh. Gurdev Singh of Akali Dal Nationalist and Sr.Suchwant Sing of Akali Dal Badal condemned the acts of threat to the minority sikh community in the Kashmir valley and urged the government to take strong measures to protect them or otherwise the situation shall be dealt by the sikh community on their own as their past history of warriors. Dr. Hira Lal Bhat of All India J K Vichar Manch termed the situation in the valley as communal and recalled how their kashmiri pandit community was forced to leave their homeland. Sh Bali Bhagat of BJP said that the present problem was because of the fact that the partition of 1947 was not complete as Pakistan was born based on religion lines and the exchange of population should have happened as it has always happened in any partition across the word and held the Nehru Family solely responsible for the same.

Sh Pawan Kohli , Spokesperson while concluding observed that the governance of the government in implementing the law and order situation is only to restrict the nationalist forces in the state of JK and have failed in all fronts to do so in the Kashmir valley being in league with the separatist.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammu, India.
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