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Cut-and-Cover by Krishan Kaul 

Given the important and unique role of underground metros in urban mass transportation worldwide, it is indeed a matter of great pride for our community that Krishan Kaul has authored a remarkable book on the design of underground/subway structures, titled:

Metro Structures
Geo-Structural Design:
an integrated approach

The book is an expert and comprehensive guide to the practical design of cut-and-cover structures in general and metro structures in particular. It was published in April, 2010, by Taylor & Francis, London, UK, and has been very well received.

Two of the many unique features of the book are that:

  • • It is the first of its kind on the subject in the world;
  • • It combines within it the Geotechnical and Structural aspects of design.

When asked what prompted him to write this book, Krishan Kaul gave three reasons: ‘firstly, the absence of and a long-felt need for such a book; secondly, the opportunity to share with my co-professionals my varied and interesting forty-years of experience worldwide in this field, and, thirdly, and more importantly, as a token of expression of my gratitude to the profession which gave me my livelihood’.

The book is in hardback, running into over 700 pages and is priced at US $200/UK ₤120 Sterling.

Book is available from:
Routledge, c/o Taylor & Francis, Inc
(Order Enquiries – US, Canada, North & South America)
7625 Empire Drive
Florence, Kentucky 41042-2919, USA
Toll-Free Phone: +1 (800) 634-7064
Toll-Free Fax: +1 (800) 248-4724

Product Details
* Hardcover: 704 pages
* Publisher: Spon Press; 1st edition (May 25, 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0415469074
* ISBN-13: 978-0415469074
About the Author

P. K. Kaul
BE, MSc, Euro Ing, C Eng, FICE, FIStuctE, FGS, FIE (Ind)

Krishan Kaul originally hails from Rainawari, Srinagar, Kashmir. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in India, he moved to the United Kingdom where he obtained his Masters degree with distinction securing the top mark.

Krishan Kaul retired as Technical Director and a Specialist Expert within the Hyder Group, a multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers in the UK. During his 40-year professional career in the design and construction of major civil engineering structures, including a number of years on site, he acquired a wealth of experience and built up a pool of expertise in the Civil/Structural/Geotechnical engineering fields. His experience is broad based that also includes the design and construction of luxury Apartment Blocks, Bridges and Heavy Foundations. However, his specialist expertise is available, in particular, in the following:

  • Design & Construction of Major Underground (Cut & Cover) Structures, e.g.:
    • * Metro Stations, Running Tunnels & related structures;
    • * Road Tunnels, Underpasses & Box Culverts;
    • * Multilevel Car Parks & Deep Basements;
    • * Pumping Stations & Sea Outfall Works;
    • * Vortex, Access & Ventilation Shafts;
    • * Caissons & Cellular Structures.
  • Design & Construction of Major:
    • * Foreshore Gravity & Composite Structures;
    • * Complex Underpinning Works;
    • * Earth Retaining Structures;
    • * Heavy Foundations.
  • Design & Construction of Major Float & Sink Structures
    Krishan Kaul has been a Guest Lecturer at a number of professional and academic institutions and government departments, worldwide, on the following topics:
    • * Philosophy of Design & Construction of Cut & Cover Structures;
    • * Float & Sink Structures.

As an Expert in the Cut and Cover field, Krishan Kaul has been frequently invited to give specialist advice on aspects of design and construction of major underground structures around the world including UK, Hong Kong, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Portugal, Vietnam and Taiwan. He was also invited as an Advisor by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) of Singapore in 2000 and 2001 to give specialist advice on the design and construction of some of the most complex and challenging metro station structures.

Other interests:
Complementing his achievements in the professional field, Krishan Kaul is also an ardent student of and has a deep and abiding interest in Indian culture and spirituality. He has conducted seminars, symposia and workshops on a number of spiritual topics including a scientific exposition of Gayatri Mantra in various countries including UK, USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Oman. He was inspired to author a 250-page book titled, ‘Self - A Study in a Circle’ which was released in 1995. As a study circle manual, it is being used by the students of spirituality in many countries around the world. During his review of it, this is what the then Indian High Commissioner in the UK, late Dr. L. M. Singhvi, had to say about the book:

Reading Krishan Kaul’s book, I felt as if I was on a grand global tour of the heritage of India. I felt the flow of Spirituality into ethics and the flow of ethics into the myriad tributaries of daily life. In this book, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s message and the quintessential message of the universal heritage of Eternal India can be seen in their ethereal as well as elemental effulgence.

I congratulate Krishan Kaul for the excellent contribution he has made to the literature of spiritual and ethical quest as an offering of devotion in an edifying spirit and welcome this valuable addition to what I may call the library of ‘inner space travelogues’.

This book is priced at INR90.00 and is available from:
Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust
Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur District
Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 515 134, India.
Tele: 287375; Telefax: 287236
STD Code: 0091 8555

For a number of years, Krishan Kaul was invited to give lectures to MA students (evening classes) on Sanathana Dharma at the World Sikh University in London.

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