Paintings by Young Artists

Youth Sections
"The Braves Arise "
Paintings by Young Artists
at KP Cultural Meet at Big Bear area in San Bernardino, California
Painting competition
sponsored by KHF- Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc

Sandhya Tiku, d/o Shri Dalip Tiku & Sonia Zutshi Tiku winner of the Painting competition.
She is a 9 year old student in grade-4. Her intrests range from Soccer, Swimming, and Piano etc. She loves animals & wants to do something for them. Recently she got her first pet, bunnies. Wildlife & nature always fascinates her. Reading books is also her favorate passtime.

Diya Kaul, d/o Shri Neeraj & Smt. Liloo Kaul is the First Runner-up
Diya is a 6-1/2yr old, 2nd grade student living in Fremont, CA. Besides enjoying drawing, singing, and soccer she holds the remote control for TV and all events in the house.

Yuvika Salma, d/o Shri Sanju Salman & Smt. Monica Aima Salma is the Second Runner-up.
She is a 6 year old student in grade 2nd. Her interests are Swimming, ice skating, Dancing, painting and drawing.

She loves crafts work and painting. What fascinates her most are different kinds of birds and she makes sure to feed the birds in her backyard everyday. She wants to be a doctor one day though she starts crying on seeing blood and wounds.

Rainbow in Kashmir by Sandhya Tiku- Winner


Silent Silent Mountains by Diya Kaul- 1st Runner-up

My Colorful valley by Yuvika Salman- 2nd Runner-up

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