My Eyes

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"The Braves Arise "

My eyes let me gaze at the gorgeous sky

And save me from pain by warning of any spiral bolting my way.

Without, I shall never know whether or not to bet on my cards

Or be able to score a magnificent buzzer-beater in basketball.

Without my eyes, I would be tricked into doing things against the rules

People would only be a name and books would only be a definition.

My eyes let me navigate my way around an unfamiliar area.

Else danger might seek me at all times no matter where I am.

Without my eyes, I would never see the one who cares for me

Or everything in life worthy to see, like nature, family, and friends.

My eyes are hazel and small but they’re the best part of me.

*Shyan Koul is a 9 years old, 3rd Grade student from Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A. His interests are story reading, music and travel.

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Hi my hazel eyed small scholar you amaze me by your thought provoking poem.Without eyes creation and universe mean nothing people will be only names and books definitions.Your observations are perfect and your words are accurate.Your hazel eyes conceal your beauty charm and intoxication.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Hey Shanu, I loved your poem. It is amazing how with every single writing you do you grow as a writer. Keep writing. -Your favorite brother-
Added By Arman Koul