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Sh. Brij Mohan Munshi

I wish to inform all our close relatives and friends that our brother / uncle, Brij Mohan Munshi has expired in Mumbai, June 10, after a long battle with Parkinson’ s disease. He left Kashmir in early fifties to join National Rayon Corporation at Mumbai. In late seventies he took voluntary retirement and started his own business to establish a successful enterprise in Chemical industry in Maharashtra. Business apart, he left no stone unturned to be of great help to our KP brethren in Mumbai. As a philanthropist he did all he could do for his fellow community members but in confidence and with humility. He adjusted countless KP youth in jobs where ever possible and accommodated admission seeking students at his house during the last 20 years of turmoil.

He was a towering personality with positive energy that would earn him friends all around.. He had an exceptional sense of humor and embodied true Kashmiri values of self less work and above all he was a binding force for our entire clan.
We prey to God to bless his noble soul with eternal peace.

Dr. Tej K. Munshi (Ex Prof)
Pawan Munshi
Dr. Dimple Munshi,
Monika Munshi Albany, NY-518-374-7037
Munshi – Mumbai 022- 25286361
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