A vision of OM

A vision of OM
ॐ छि अख दृष्टी
जया सिबू
English Explanation:--- Chaman Lal Raina
Chhu Bija Mantra, Pan'u Shamboo Han OM Wonmut
छु बीज मन्त्र पान॒ शम्भूहन ॐ वोन॑मुत

Aum is the Primal sound. It is revered as the Shabda Brahman.
AUM is the creation, preservarion and its dissolution.
Aum is the Unending cycle of the Universe.
Aum is the Primal vibration, which is ever existent.Lord Shiva has himserlf uttered the mono-syllable Om.

Tset Chetnaayi Hunzi Prer-naayi S'uit--- OM Aawurmut
चेतनायि हुन्ज़ि प्रेरणायि सूत्य ॐ आवुरमुत

The conscious self is ever attached with the symbol Om. Consciousness is the visible force, and complementary to Existent self, which is ever united with its source in the syllable Om.

Shabduk Shreh Arthuk Ganeer Kadith --- OM Prowmut
शब्दुक श्रेह अर्थुक गन्यर कडिथ ॐ प्रोवमुत

Having affinity with the Eternal WORD ,and with the application of its meaning in the mundane world, the entire manifestation is evolved around the syllable Om.

Spand Prakash Vimarsh'u S'uit Shaivan--- OM Abusmut
स्पन्द प्रकाश विमर्ष सूत्य शैवन ॐ अबुसमुत

Shaivism in Kashmir, lays emphasis on Prakash/ eternal light, and that is SHIVA ---consciousness, which is always welded with Vimarsha/Shakti. It gives the Divine touches of vibration, known as the SPANDA, which is whirled with the spanda/ vibration within OM

Ichha Gyaan Kriyaa Manz Walith ---- OM Sagnowmut.
इच्छा ज्ञान क्रिया मन्ज़ वलिथ ॐ सगनोवमुत

The Eternal Will, Knowlege of the Divine, and the actions thereof, get its Agamic nourishment of nectarian thoughts. It is because, that has been sprinkled with the syllable OM.

Dhyaan Dhaarnayi Manz Chhu Yogivaw--- OM Lalnowmut.
ध्यान धारणायि मन्ज़ यूगियव ॐ ललनोवमुत

Meditation for the realization of the Supreme self and the art of being in the state of transcendence, has created a Divine fervor for being in tune with the Supre Being.It has been fondled with the symbol OM

Lal Dedi Chhu Keeval Shabd'u Akh--- OM Sodmut.
लल द्येदि छु कीवल शब्द अख ॐ सोदमुत

Lall Ded the Vageeshvari--Vakh Saint of Bliss (14th century), has laid emphasis on the mono-syllable, in her Vakhs. Thus she has always absorbed herself with the Divine ripples of Shiva-consciousness. She has perfected her inner being with the syllable Om.

Reshi Peeran Chhu Sharkaayi Manz---- OM Vyowmut.
रिशि पीरन छु शारिकायि मन्ज़ ॐ व्योवमुत

Rishi Peer the Saint extraordinary of Miracles (17th century) has meditated upon Shri Sharika for years together through the process of Self introspection. He sifted this process with the syllable OM.

Rop'u Bhawani Chhu Antar drishti Manz Akh-- OM Qotmut
रोप॒ भवानि छु अन्तर्दृष्टी मन्ज़् ॐ क़ो॒तमुत

Shri Roopa Bhavani--the incarnation of Shri Sharika, revered as the ALAKH Sahiba has gone deep and deeper into the inner-self, which spinned the ALAKH Vibration through the syllable OM.

Krishan Karan Chhu Shabdas Manz Mantra---- OM Wuchhmut
कृष्ण कारन छु श्ब्दस मन्ज़ मन्त्र ॐ वुछमुत

Krishan Joo Kar of Rainawari, a contemporary of Reshi Peer Sahib, who had the honor of being the Guru of Reshi Peer Sahib, has visualized the Vedic Mantra, through the syllable Om.

Swami Lakshman Juwan Chhu Shaivi Paivand OM Kormut
स्वामि लक्ष्मन जुवन छु शैवी पयवन्द ॐ कोरमुत

Swami Laksman Joo, the Ishvar Swaroop of the 20th century, the Great Shaiva Scholar par-excellence of the current era, has grafted the Three branches of TRIKA with the syllable Om.

Shri Bhagwanan Chhu Sezras, Pazr'u S'uit--- OM Mondmut
श्री भगवानन छु स्यज़र॒ पज़र॒ सू॒त्य ॐ मो॒न्दमुत

Bhagwaan Shri Krishna --the Yogi of Higher realization has churned the Truth and Vedas and the focal pointof the Gita, with the syllable Om.

Vedav Chhu Omkaruk Saar Keval OM Ko'dmut
वेदव छु ओ३म् कारुक सार केवल ॐ को॒डमुत

The Vedic Rishis have visualized through contemplation and meditation the manifestation of the universe, in OMKAR, through the syllable Om.

Jaya Chhai Tawai OM Su'itiy OM Likhith---- OM Woonmut.
जयायि छु तवय ॐ सू॒त्य ॐ लिखिथ ॐ वूनमुत

Jaya--the humble person has knitted Om , with the inner vibration of Om,written on the Om canvas of her being with the syllable OM.


Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of her Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi. Her publication includes 'Mantrik Bhajan Dipika' in Kashmiri verse based on the Kashmiri Beej Mantras of the Shaktivad tradition. 'Bhagwan Gopinath evam Dharmik Chintan' in Hindi is under publication. She is a regular contributor to various Hindi and Kashmiri magazines and publications.

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Dear editor,The name of the artist,who has painted this AUm,with Shri Krishnaya Namah,should not been given. Regards Vibhasa
Added By Vibhasa Raina
Excellent Jaya Ji I had heard only three dimensions of "OM" but you explained many and it could have been possible on your part only. This is really an OMKAARNAAD. Thanks.
Added By Vinod Razdan
My Pranam to Jayaji, I am not finding words to write, Ican say only that you are born to enlighten the people and help them to come out of darkness to light.
Added By Surinder Mirza
Thanks, beautiful explanation of OM.
Added By Chandra Ganju
It is, indeed, quite refreshing and enlightening to read about the Primal Sound, OM, as envisioned by no less a person than Jayaji whose poetic prowess in both Kashmiri and Hindi is well known. Equally enlightening is the free translation of her blissful thoughts by Chamanlalji Raina.
Added By Gopinath Raina
" वेदव छु ओ३म् कारुक सार केवल ॐ को॒डमुत " Beauty at its best......Jayaji aasin soan shat,shat Namaskar. Asi ti yeen itchui gati, bai kiyah vanav......rumereshun aai asenav tu pushnav ner-roog zindugaany.
Added By subhash razdan
Saarinuya Chhu Myon Dhanyavaad,Yimav Yath Bhava Bharith OM Chi varnanaa Parith panuni comments Suuzith---- OMAS LOL BARUKH. OM CHHI MANUCHI SHAMBHAVII AVASTHA. OM is the mental state,as described in the Shaiva Agamas.
Added By Jaya Sibu
Dr. Chaman Lal Raina’s choice of vibrant colors, brush strokes, texture and other artistic knowledge should be the measuring stick for prestigious artworks. It is with great honor and my gratifying luck that I own the original version of this auspicious OM. With most gratitude and respect, the author and artist responsible for “A vision of OM,” has given new dimensions to the concept of OM, as well as empowered life beyond the exclusive sound resonated from a conch shell.
Added By Sharma Dammar
Dear Vibhasa Ji,Thank you for reading appreciating this painting. A typo mistake is in your comments , Sharma Dammar has written about this painting. Actually you wanted to know more about the painting, and abut the name of that person,who painted it.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
The artist is Dr Chaman Lal Raina
Added By chaman lal raina