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Vechaar Utensils Museum was built in 1981 within the vicinity of Vishalla Village Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India. In an effort to cherish and preserve our rich cultural heritage and rare artistic skills and wisdom of our craftsmen, architect Mr. Surender Patel built this unique museum. This museum has household utensils from past to the present times. These have evolved as a result of our changing needs and environment. These utensils cover everything from clay, brass, copper, bronze, zinc to Stainless steel.

This unique shiv lingam inside the compond

Village experience with ethnic Gujarati food served on biodegradable leaf plates and pottery, at Vishala

*Deepak Ganju is the Managing Editor of the Monthly Shehjar magazine.
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What a museum of our heritage. Good to see some antique stuff that we used to use not too far ago.
Added By B.L. Dhar
Deepak Ji,Congratulations for making the readers see this Wonderful pottery through this musuem. Raina C L
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Pretty neat. Was the dented Samavar gifted by Governor BK Nehru?
Added By Rajeev Sumbly
On behalf of Vechaar & Vishalla here in Ahmedabad, we extend our deepest and sincere thanks & gratitude for the excellent coverage of our utensil museum. God Bless. - Consultants to Vishalla & Vechaar.
Added By Harini Safi & Raja Dutta