Jihadi Generation

t was the month of June 2008 the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir was boiling over the issue of revoking of land transfer order to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB). The fundamentalist Muslim apprising in Kashmir was given a befitting answer by the agitation undertaken by the Jammu People under the canopy of Shri Amarnath Sangarsh Samati (SASS). To make that agitation successful SASS got support from almost all the pro Indian factions and political parties. That agitation took some precious lives in Jammu region and unfolded some serious chapters of history. For the first time Jammu people were awakened to the discriminative and partisan approach of the centre and state govt. and started demanding for a separate Jammu state. Had the govt. of India not taken adequate measures to control the crises on both the sides the situation would have spread through out the length and breadth of the country like the wild fire, which would have eventually resulted in serious communal riots.

This time also around the Yatra period the Kashmir pot has again started boiling. The intifada period is being recreated and the situation of 90’s has come to halt the valley again. The people have again started coming on the roads. Majority chunk of agitators are in their early 20’s because this is the generation born and brought up in the anti India atmosphere. This time the new weapon in hand is stone pelting with their masters advocating them to follow disobedience, defy curfew orders and section 144 where ever and when ever in vogue. It can be assumed that the separatist force in Kashmir does not want that peace should return there. With no legitimate cause in hand they are demanding that the Amarnath Yatra period be limited to just 15 days instead of two months. The separatist leaders who are living in the palatial Bungalows under the Z category of Indian security are giving the statements of blackouts, strikes etc. with out realizing that there are some people who make maximum earning of their livelihood due to this Yatra in this entire period.

The recent out burst of some Kashmir based politicians regarding the issues involved is violation of their constitutional position and reflection of their communal and separatist outlook. Amarnath shrine is a national heritage of India and the Hindus all around the globe have a great and unflinching faith in this ancient shrine. The separatists have no right to dictate the terms and conditions of yatra and to interfere in the constitutional and legitimate rights of Hindus. Due to violence engineered by fundamentalists of Kashmir, KP’s find them selves homeless and now Muslim fundamentalism has reached to such a pitch that they seek to put spanner in the annual Amarnath pilgrimage.

It is a matter of great agony that the fundamentalist forces of the Valley have become active and agile during this pilgrimage period, creating huge inconvenience as well as fear among the Yatries in particular. At the same time the state and central Govt. witness the entire TANDAV as mute spectators. The so called mainstream politicians of the valley along with the separatists have contributed to the process of Islamisation in Kashmir. The govt. of India for last sixty years has continued with the appeasement policy for Muslims of the valley. The unrest and violence in J&K is the outcome of the failure of the policies adopted by the successive regimes of the country. In this context, it is amazing how the Congress led UPA has defined secularism to meet its narrow ends. It’s Definition of secularism is limited to keeping minorities in good humor to secure their vote bank.  If the allotment of mere 100 acres of land by the state govt. to SASB or just the pilgrimage duration has hurt the separatist forces then why are the so-called scholar parties silent on the huge expenses amounted to the millions incurred by the union and the state govt. on Haj pilgrimage? Does it in other words mean that Hindus can’t have even the basic rights or amenities in their own country while they are made to pay through their nose for Muslim pilgrimage? Till date did any Hindu protest on this governmental benevolence? In addition the state of J&K, especially the valley where the people are fighting for the so called right of self determination has been exempt from the taxes for which the other states have to incur millions. Here a common man toils in 48 degree centigrade to earn his livelihood, as a dutiful citizen pays his taxes regularly which in turn is being supplied to the valley so that the locals out there will accept themselves part of Indian citizens.

The recent events in the valley have exposed the deceitful nature of Kashmiryat, that was all along being brandished as hallmark of communal harmony but has in essence turned out to be merely Muslim nationalism. It had been almost over a year of calmness that had raised hopes of normalcy in the valley. In this context only Mr. Prime minister had announced employment packages for the KP’s in the valley itself with out even giving a second thought of their security in such a place from where they were driven out in the pretext of Jahadi genocide. Surprisingly the entire army regiments deployed in the civil areas were called off from the valley as if the whole issue was resolved for ever. Our outwardly innocent Mr. PM and Mr. HM succumbed easily to the demands of anti national demands with out analyzing and understanding that what ever tranquility that was prevalent in Kashmir was due to the absolute presence of Armed forces. The moment Army was out from the valley the anti social elements again started taking their heads out.

Another mystery element persistent in Kashmir is the frequent calls given for Bandhs and Hartaals. Normally these bandhs and hartals do not last for more than 7-8 hours because common man’s livelihood gets severely affected. But in the valley Hartaals and Bandhs last for months together. What does this signify? It signifies some thing; obnoxious. May be the protestors on the roads are aided in such a huge amounts that they hardly need to fear or care for their livelyhood. As a result they become habitual and love to come on the streets protesting for their illegitimate rights. Today Kashmir again appears to be edgy and violent, forcing the authorities to impose curfew in most parts of the valley and call out the army. Now billions of rupees would be spend, again some policy of appeasement will be churned out to shut the mouths of separatists and other Islamic forces active in the state. Again indicating the lack of do or die attitude of Centre as well state govts. in solving the long pending Kashmir issue. The Govt. of India is showering Kashmir with all the possible benefits with the false hope that people there will at least call themselves to be Indians or part of India. But Alas! That will never be possible because of the inherientseparatist attitude that is been ingrained in their minds right from there wombs. No doubt the top political leaders from Kashmir Mr. farooq Abdulha, Mr. Saifudin Soz, Mr. Mufti Sayed may outwardly represent the secular face of Kashmir but, they all are one when it’s the issue of religion.

It is high time when the govt. of India should stop behaving like Rip Van Winkle. They should shun the game of scoring points for adversaries in order to build a vote bank. Dialogues, diplomatic manipulations, aids, economic packages, rehabilitation packages – nothing is going to solve the Kashmir problem. It is an aching tooth which needs immediate removal with out inflecting pain to the rest of the jaw. How insulting I felt it for my country by hearing the slogan ”Bharat ke Jande Se Gelani Ka Kacha Acha” as on date echoing through out the valley. After justified portion of the valley to Pandit community, Let the Govt. of India give them their much touted Azadi. And I am sure within few years their lives will become nothing less than a hell like the inhabitants of PoK. Our leaders should not set aside and over look the sacrifices of our national heroes of the past and valiant soldiers of the present.
*Rajesh T Bhatt (freelancer), a Kashmir valley resident from Anantnag, Education: Post graduate in computer Science, working with Telecom sector for last 12 years. Father retired from defence services. Presently living in Delhi with his family.
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