Durga Naag temple Hawan Kund desecrated

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Durga Naag temple Hawan Kund desecrated by Muslim goons
Srinagar (India) September 24, 2009

File Photo of Durga Naag temple, Srinagar, Kashmir, courtesy Umesh Kaul
Report by King C Bharati
he initiative of Omar Abdullah Government to constitute Apex Committee to monitor the return of Kashmiri Migrants to Valley does not seem to go well within the populace of Kashmir Valley even as many prominent Kashmiri Pandit organizations have already termed it as farce.

While the first set back was withdrawing of Panun Kashmir factions from the Apex Committee the inserting of the name of Ashwani Chrangoo in the official press release saying he attended the meeting proved an embarrassment for the government either due to some typographical error of a mischief by some body within the government.

Many Kashmiri Pandit leaders who have already questioned the formation of Apex Committee without creating a congenial atmosphere will now get more teeth with a new development that has enraged the community everywhere.

According to reports reaching here some goons who were under the influence of liquor barged into the historic Durga Naag temple lat last night and desecrated the Hawan Kund besides ransacking the temple predictably angry with the Kashmiri Pandits for organising a Hawan and trying to claim their right in Kashmir once again.

The goons who were said to be 6 in number raised pro-Pakistan and anti-India, anti-KP slogans said nothing but ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ can be allowed in Kashmir (Yahan Kya Chaley Ga.. Nizam-e-Mustafa) asking KPs to go back.

While the rest of the goons managed to flee after the attack one miscreant was caught by the Pandits present there and handed over to Munshi Bagh police station.

Senior Pandit leader Amarnath Vaishnavi was also in the temple when the attacked took place.

The sudden development might look a non issue for the so called peaceniks but it is sure to have large-scale impact on the return formula of the government which will have to do a lot of explaining and cajoling for those members who had lent their support to the Apex Committee.

Pandits feel that this incident was the real eye opener for those who back the return formula saying when Kashmiri Muslims can not digest a small Hawan how can they allow large scale return of Pandits and feel that government was putting the life of Pandits in danger to keep its secular image intact.

Many Pandit organizations have condemned the act and demanded a high level probe into the matter besides those who had attended the last meeting of the Apex Body.

All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference while condemning the act said that such elements won’t allow return of Pandits to Valley and demanded immediate action and assurance form the government that no such incident will take place inside a temple again.

Youth Wing President of ASKPC Rakesh Tickoo said that his organization would stage a demonstration tomorrow adding government has failed to convince Pandits that their return was safe and sound.

All Parties Migrant Co-ordination Committee (APMCC) Chairman Vinod Pandit while condemning the act demanded a high level probe and said such actions inside temples won’t be allowed.

However Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Raman Bhalla who is also the chairman of the Apex Committee on Migrants return was not available for comments.

The response from his aids was the usual “Sahab meeting mein hain”.

With government saying day in and day out that it was serious about the return plan of migrants and many organizations casting doubts over the security concerns it needs to be seen what turn this initiative of the government takes now with the adversaries having yet another arguments of the security of migrants and acceptance of Pandits in Valley by the local population.
King C Bharati is a senior journalist & Executive Editor of English Daily Shadow.
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