Images from Kashmir (Temples)

Images from Kashmir (Temples)

Exclusive pictures are from Kashmir, provided by Rahul Zutshi and Jeevan Zutshi from their trip in November 2008. Copyrights © Shehjar online.

Hari Parbat

Shankracharya Temple & magnificent view of valley

Khir Bhawani (Tulamula)

Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple, Fateh kadal, Srinagar

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Thanks for giving us Darshan of our sacred religious places in Kashmir.
Added By Anil Kachroo
Nice to see recent pictures of the most revered religious places of our's. I have heard about the changing colour of Holly Nag water, in your picks it is not the same usual colour,would you like to say any thing about it since you have seen & documented the place.
Added By subhash razdan
In 1989 went to Srinagar, Kashmir and visited some of these places with my parents. Never got to see these places again, but looking at the priceless pictures of these sacred places I am blessed again and I feel I am in Srinagar. God bless for this kind effort
Added By Shailendra Malik
Thanks for the nice pictures ...Seems every thing is same where we left.
Added By Pawan Munshi
Exceelent pictures. May god bless you all
Added By Ashok Kak
After 1989 I was not expecting to see anything like this. This is the best way to bring our memories back. I have seen pictures like this from Kashmir after 1979 when my husband and my daughter had gone to visit India. The things were completely different those days. We are very grateful to Mr. Jeevan and Rahul Zutshi for the great work they have done. Hats off to both of them.
Added By Savita Seru