Youth Section
“Captains” of Change



*Nishkam Kumar Razdan
  Lighted when it was,
full of vigour,
with youth to its brim,
and over.

Small flame it is,
sailing in a dark ocean;
casting strange shadows,
on the earthern wall.

Moths and flies,
crawl to it,
to warm themselves in the freezing cold night.
It illumines,
the face of the Deity,
at its zenith.
Wisdom coupled with Youth,
of utmost importance.

Now it is old,
searching for life,
not a drop left,
dry and empty.
The flame is dimming,
losing its vitality.
The flames consume,
the poor wick,
in a dying effort,
to survive.

now covers the lamp like a shroud.
The smoke rises,
like a silent memory of the dead past.
The moths and flies fly away,
with disgust.
But the Diety's face,
can't remain dark for long.
A new flame is lighted,
it's its chance to meet,
the Darkness
About the Author:
Nishkam Razdan is 17 year old and is 12th class student in Mumbai, India.
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Nice poem, Nishkam. Keep it up.
Added By Saroj Kaul
A new flame is lighted, it's its chance to meet, the Darkness Keep it up Nishkaam
Added By Satish Dhar