Quintessence of the Shakti as Paraa Bhairavi

Quintessence of the Shakti as Paraa Bhairavi
Chaman Lal Raina

Om Namah Chit Bhairavyai!

How is Para Sakti related to the phenomenal world and especially to the man with 'Sankocha'-limitation?
The Devi Stuti as Chita Bhairavi has been able to solve this philosophic problem on the empirical and transcendental side on the basis of Chit-Sakti-consciousness and Bhavana-meditative aspect on 'mantra-yantra-tantra'. The experience of man speaks that the origination is possible with the union of male and female principle. Say, it is Purusha and Prakriti,being the 'Avarohana' or descent of Shiva and Shakti.
The idea of the unity of Siva and Sakti are always equal and identical, but may be viewed differently to suit the psyche of devotees. Divine Mother Lalita is 'Sivasakyaikarupini'.
Tripira is "Samarasya-parayana"- the principle of unchanging 'unity and uniformity', within the grand aura of Tripura Sundari, which brings symphony of experience and harmony pf the Trika Vaibhavam, within Shiva Parinaya.
Kashmiri Shaaktas are traditionally the worshippers of Shri Yantra and the experiencers of Matrka--Pujanam. The immutable phonemes begin with 'a' and end with 'ha', thus evolving into 'aah' - the higher consciousness. Mother Lalita is immutable in the form of Varnamala - the eternal garland of phonemes. In the world of name and form Lalita in her emotional aspect continues the process of creation through Matrka - or the Supernal 'Shabda Brahman'. The emotional of Lalita is impregnated with the three "Hrims of Lajjabija:. Hrim is the evolutionary aspect of the Divine Chit Bhairavi
*Dr. Chaman Lal Rain