Why India Bashing!

Why India Bashing!

We see western media reporting regularly,

“Rise of extremist Hinduism in India under Modi rule”.

Then we see reports from Muslim world talking of Muslim genocide in India. This is despite the fact that Indian Muslim enjoys full benefits of democracy and freedom of religion. A reasonable query arises why West and Muslim world against India? India not only has been cradle of human civilization but has contributed a lot in science and Math to world. India’s contribution to world in unparalleled, yet finds itself in foot notes of human history. Why is India’s contribution ignored? One needs to go deeper on this:--

Western world:--

Western world proclaims that all that which is in this world is due to them. Not only they take credit for development in this world but want to get royalty for same. This is despite the fact that origin of science and math is from India. They suppress all evidence which points to origin of science from India. When Britishers came to India they invented Aryan invasion theory [1500BC]. This was to discredit Indian [VEDIC] civilization. They demonized Sanskrit, even banned Sanskrit reading. Ancient Indian history and cultural heritage was declared Myth. They ingrained in our minds that Aryans came to India from central Asia and established a civilized India. This Aryan invasion theory stands now debunked. It is proved now that Aryans were Indian people and were founders of two great civilizations---Vedic civilization and Indus valley civilization. When Britishers left in 1947 they divided country into two. They also left behind handful of British trained beauracrates whose job was to carry British legacy and British laws. These British cronies continued to ridicule Indian customs and traditions. They also created a class of people with leftist tendencies. Divide and rule policy of British was continued by these leftist intellectuals. Net result of this was that instead of uniting India they were involved in further division of India. Wearing of saree is viewed by west as selling Hindu ideology. Various organizations in west supporting vegetarianism and Veganism are projected as compassionate and animal lovers but when a Hindu talks of vegetarian diet he is labelled by western press as “Hindu Nationalist”. Such is prejudice of west towards India. In their efforts to down play India they are now helped by various political groups especially congress.

These political groups want to rule country by using religion, poverty and caste as tools to achieve their objectives. These politicians in order to lure people have appeasement policy in the form reservation, allowing Madrassas to teach extremist Islam , offering citizenship to illegal immigrants , Free ratio etc. They do it to get votes and to remain in power. Most of the appeasement policies of these political parties are against the spirit of constitution. This vote bank policy is costing nation its integrity and unity.

Muslims of India:--

It is a irony Indian Muslim instead of owning country is talking of his DNA matching with invaders like Timur , Ghazni etc. He is being taught in Madrassas that he cannot be ruled by nonmuslim. It is important to understand mind set of Indian muslim. Reader is advised to read book of Dr BR Ambedkar—“Pakistan or partition of India” on this issue. Below are some excerpts of this book:--

  • Muslims of India do not call India as their motherland.

  • Muslim has loyalty to Ummah[Islamic brotherhood] and does not believe in universal brotherhood.

  • Muslim should be loyal to religion, not to nation they live.

  • Muslims are against social reforms, feel their social order is perfect

  • Muslims believe that they are truthful and intellectuals. This is despite the fact that their contribution in Science is nearly zero.

  • Muslim should not be interested in politics but religion alone. In order to achieve their goals they can go to any extent.

  • These Muslims made various irrational demand in 1939.Some of them were:--

    • 50% reservation in legislature despite their low population.
    • No bandbajja in front of mosque.
    • Allow Cow slaughter.”

Ultimately these demand ended in partition of India, their cherished goal. Secularism and democracy are not their cup of tea. Instead these things are antithesis of Muslim goals. They have no respect for Hindu, call him “Kafir”, a derogatory word. They know little about other religions, yet call their religion Supreme, even ultimate. They do not carry much respect for other religions, yet demand respect for their religion. Religion and Ideology go hand in hand in Islam. They are ready to take pass ports of western countries, even marry their daughters and then label western countries “Evil countries”. This is the height of hypocrisy they indulge in to suite their interests. Muslims refuse to join mainstream of country they live and yet demand rights in name of religion. Now and then they raise demands in name of religion:--

  • 1 They oppose uniform civil code in India but have accepted it in West, Australia.

  • 2. They project Burqa as one of the basic tenants of Islam in India. Same Burqa in Saudi Arabia where sharia laws are in force is prohibited in Mecca. If burqa were basic tenant, would Saudia dare to prohibit it in Mecca? A case of double standards.

  • 3. There is no mention of beef and COW in Al Quran, yet in India they are making cow slaughter a issue, ignoring sentiments of majority .

  • 4. Mosque relocations are done in Islamic world without any fuss. In India they tried to make a case that Mosque is basic tenant of Islam. When mosque is not regarded a basic tenant in Muslim world why make a case here? Pure misleading tactics.

Recent events in country particularly New Delhi are an eye opener for all of us. They agitated, indulged in riots under the garb of CAA protest. In this they were equally helped by Congress party and our Lutyen press. They misled masses by telling them that by CAA implementation they will lose citizenship. A pure lie. CAA offers citizenship and does not deprive any one of his citizenship.

With this set of mind of Muslims of India one has seriously to ponder on this issue for better future of nation. Muslim politics is clerical. None of the secular categories of life have any place in Islam

Whole Muslim world is ganging up against India, supporting Indian Muslims in name of Ummah. West has its own selfish reasons to undermine India. No one even in western world talks of Ottoman empires brutalities around globe, Timur families’ barbarism in India but they talk of Intolerance and genocide of Muslims in India. In reality Indian Muslim enjoys full benefits of democracy which none of muslim countries has. Whole muslim world including West protested against CAA despite it being internal matter of country. Every country has its own laws including immigration. CAA was projected as antimuslim and protests were organized. This was done to undermine and defame Modi govt. West is still obsessed with Aryan invasion theory and ignores ancient Indian civilization. They want to tell world that they are founders of human civilization. We need to have policy to correct mind set of both Muslim world and Western world. We need to emphasize to Muslims to own country they live in and abide by state law [constitution]. Muslims of India need to acknowledge that they are Hindu converts and not descendants of Timur. Misconceptions about Hinduism and ancient India need to be cleared. These misconceptions were created by West as it suited them both politically and religiously. Muslims are far safer in India than in any part of world. Appeasement policies towards minorities need to be scrapped. Appeasement may get some votes but at the cost of nation’s unity. We drum beat unity in diversity slogan in India but do very little to strengthen unity of country. We Indians need to take pride in our past and heritage. So long as we don’t take pride in our customs and traditions we will be losers. We need to explain to whole world about India’s contribution in shaping this world.

“India stands for peace, no superior or inferior even in religion, human brotherhood, not religious brotherhood and freedom.”

“Ideology of global conquest by Western world/ Islamic world can never be truly people and pluralism friendly.” Agenda driven negativity of India needs to be challenged.

*Dr. Makhan Lal Babu, Born and brought up in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir till his migration from valley in 1990. Retired as Professor and Head Neurosurgery from Institute of Medical sciences, Soura, Srinagar. Has published a lot of professional articles, both in national and international journals. His interests, besides medicine, are in Ancient history of Kashmir, Vedas and Ancient India. His focus is educating youth who are fast losing track of their glorious roots and culture.