My Adoration to Trikaacharya Swami Ram Ji

My Adoration to Trikaacharya Swami Ram Ji
on the Basant Panchami --2023
Bhaava Samarpanam
Chaman Lal Raina

Om Namaskar to the Bhagawan Swami Ram Ji Maharaj, who is the embodiment of all auspiciousness, having an innate nature of the Samvit Shakti,which is inherent in the Trika--Vaibhava --the Absolute oneness of Shiva--Shakti and Nara.

महादेवस्य परम प्रिय शिवभक्ताय

Namaskar to Him, who is very endearing to Mahadeva, being the dearest disciple of Lord Shiva.

शिखरपुरुषाय आनंदमूर्तिमानाय श्रीमंताय

He is the quintessence of being the Primal person, adored as the graceful Purusha. He is the embodiment of the Ananada-Murti-- blissful Murti, which is the All auspiciousness.

अरुपाय निखिलाकाराय सकलाकाराय

He is without any form, a formless cosmic Divinity, enshrined in the human incarnation, with cosmic effulgence, totality and wholeness.

सर्वाकाराय भास्कराय चितस्वरूपाय

He is present and existent in all manifestation, which radiates and graces with its splendour of the dazzling Sun, which is but the Divine consciousness.

विमर्श स्वरूपाय

He is in the power of intuitive faculty , which is Shakti of Vimarsha, with its essentials or innate nature.

अरविन्दलोचन श्रीराम प्रियनाम्नाय

He is the Lotus eyed Shri Rama,adorning the lotus eyes, bearing the epithet of dearest name none other than that of Shri Ram himself.

भरण- रवण- वमन-भैरवस्वरूपाय

He is the essential nature of creation, sustenance and dissolution, as being the dynamic energy of Bhairava.

भैरवपिनाकिन लीलापुरुषाय

He is Pinakina --Shiva, who holds the bow and arrow representing the Pramata--Pramana and Prameya, as being Himself the play of the Universe.

शिवशक्ति एकाकाराय

He is one in the Ardhanareeshvara appearance, and the cross triangles of the Shri Chakreshvara at Sharika Parbat.

परमपुरुष अवधूताय

He is the one and only one Absolute Shiva, being Avadhuta, which is the Svachhanda---Freewill form of Shiva.

सतीसर कश्मीर शैवशाक्त सिद्धपीठे चक्रेश्वर सान्निध्ये

His abode is the Siddha Peetha ,in the vicinity of Shri Chakreshvara--Supreme abode all Shaivistic and Shakta Peethas of Satisar-- Kashmir ...,

वितस्ता तटे श्रीराम शैव-त्रिकाश्रम विजयसेतु (फ़तेह कदल) महालय अन्तर्गत स्थिताय
स्वामी रामरूपाय सौम्यराम विग्रहाय रामरत्नाय भवचक्र मुक्तिदासेतु श्रीमंताय प्रणमाम्यहं अहर्निशम्।

I bow to Him, every time, whose abode is at the Vijay Setu Fateh Kadal, adored as Shri Ram Shaiva Trika Ashram, where his conscious self is visible with the names of Swami Rama, Shri Rama Vigraha, Shri Saumya Ram Ratana, who is the giver of Mukti--highest oneness/merger with Shiva, who removes all the shackles of transmigration of soul--the embodiment of soul.

OM, I bow before the Swami Ram Ji Maharaj--(Absolute Brahman) of auspiciousness, with intrinsic Force (Shakti), and embodiment the Absolute oneness of Shiva--Shakti and Nara (being the complete radiance of Oneness). The dearest disciple of Lord Mahadeva. The utmost, Blissful with supreme grace among the Human beings and adored as Purusha (Absolute Brahman). A formless cosmic divinity enshrined in human form representing totality, oneness of Swami Ram and wholeness. He is present and existent in all the forms of creation and radiates like dazzling Sun, representing the Divine consciousness. He is quintessence of all prevalent knowledge. The lotus eyed Swami Ji, bearing the epithet of dearest name of Swami Ram, is none other than 'Trika Vaibhavacharya' Shri Ram himself. Being the dynamic energy (Bhairava), He essentially imbibes the quality of creation, sustenance and dissolution. He is bestowed with the powers of the performing the role of Bhairava, for his wonderful role of creativity, preserving what is created and ultimately, what is to be merged in His own being. He is (Pinakin—Shiva) ever ready with a specific aim like that of beholder of a bow and arrow. He is the personification of Ardhanareshvara (Shiva and Shakti in unison). He is the absolute Brahman---with existent, conscious nature of Chaitanyam, who is the Preserver, and the second manifestation of the Trimurti, along with Brahma the Creator and Shiva the Destroyer. I bow to Him with Bhavaas ---all mental states, who is adored as, Swami Rama, Shri Rama Vigraha, Shri Ram Rattana, at his abode at Shri Ram Shaiva Trik Ashram, Vijay Setu (Fateh Kadal). He is the giver of Mukti—(highest oneness with Shiva), and removes all the shackles of transmigration of soul. Om Namah Bhairava Siddha Purushaya!


*Dr. Chaman Lal Rain