Remembering Loved Ones

"Remembering Loved Ones"

Holding Hands Foundation is pleased to start a program, "Remembering Loved Ones,"
This month, Ashutosh Ganjoo and Wimmie Ganjoo were the first to sponsor the program in the memory of their parents.
The event was well-received by the guests staying at RMHC to treat their loved ones.
Information about the program is as follows:
“Remembering Loved Ones”
We are in a world where we are swamped either with our work or personal engagements. We rarely have time to pause and do something for those who have raised us or helped us reach where we are today. The lack of time does not however stop us from always remembering them and wanting to do something in their honor.
We at Holding Hands Foundation, have started a program dedicating one day in a year in memory of our loved ones. In the past, some families got in touch with us and wanted us to create a meal program in honor of their loved ones. There are many families who want to do something, but they don’t know how to go about it. That is why Holding Hands Foundation, a 501c non-profit organization, came up with the program, "Remembering Loved One’s Day,". This is a day when we honor the memory of your loved one with you and how you want.
Holding Hands Foundation supports patients and families throughout their treatment journey, especially cancer treatment. We have designed this program with the idea "You Trust Us, We Do the Rest."
We are feeding 45-50 families every month.
We help families by taking care of their food, finding affordable places to stay during treatment, finding next meal when they are on the road, and all other logistics when they are in middle of taking care of loved ones and need to be focused on their treatment.
All cultures have an equivalent of "all soul's day," where the people remember their loved ones. In Hinduism, commemorating the death anniversary is a way to respect departed souls. Hindu scriptures remind us to feed people in honor of our ancestors or loved ones on their death or birth anniversaries.
So, if you are thinking of feeding or supporting families in honor and memory of your loved ones, you can sponsor the Remembering loved One's Meal Program. You send us a monetary contribution in any value you like and we will do the rest.
Pick a day of your choosing and the number of families you would like to feed. We will take care of the rest.
We are in this together. We don’t want you to be alone. We believe in NEHA-Never Endure Hurt Alone
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