Historical Ancient India

Historical Ancient India

Modhera Sun Temple
Ancient Indian history is mystic , not mythical as projected by Western media. There has always been attempt to explain existence. There has been belief too of existence of realities beyond intellect. Vedas are records of ancient spiritual teaching of humanity. History of India was written during colonial era which begins with Indus civilization. This is erroneous as it ignores pre Indus history documented in Puranas and Vedas.

Why hasn’t mythology been used as a narrative to form ancient Indian history? Reading Vedas, Puranas gives us deep insight how Indians lived in last 20000 years. Even worn-out structures tell us lot about past. Those who write history should always be aware of bias/prejudice in themselves and in other writers. A history written with particular set of mind is no history. There are writers like El Mansouri , Sir William jones , Paul Roberts, Adolf Eramn who say migrants from India crossed Suez and settled on banks of Nile. Egyptian records tell us they originally come from South, from a land called, PUNT, an Asian country. PUNT is believed to be Malabar coast of Deccan.

Facts unearthed by marine archeological explorations showed that a city existed which is 9500 years old , older than Sumerian civilization. In 2001 scientists discovered two ancient cities at gulf of Khambhat. Carbon dating showed it 9500-year-old. It means civilization lost at the end of ice age. It means we could be dealing with a civilization much older to flood myth of Christianity. Vedic civilization was started by survivors of previous civilization. At least some parts of Vedas must have been composed earlier than 6000 years. Sangam literature tells us submerging of East coast, 11000 years back. This is the time when sea levels rose. How long would it have taken a civilization that was there 9500 years ago to build cities of that scale? Around 12000 ago there was a cultured existence around coastal margins of India. What was before 12000 years[ice age] is not known? Valmiki mentioned in Taittriya Brahmana [4600BC], so Ramayana must be earlier. Dr PV Vartak , historian relying on planetary positions in Ramayana gives date of birth of Lord Rama Dec , 7323BC. According to him Ramayana dates 9300 ago. Dr Chaubey, genetic scientist says KOL tribe today are descendants of King Guha who was a Nishada king who befriended Lord Rama.

It is Panini who coined word “Bharata” for the region. Indian subcontinent had six countries—India, Pakistan, Bangala Desh, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan. Whole area was called Bharat Varsham. Hindu kush connected India with central Asia and Persia. Archeological explorations done in 20th century attest to Indosarsvat civilization extending to present day Afghanistan. Hindu Kush was once a Buddhist area [Bamiyan Buddhas]. Some believe Kush word is from Lord Rama’s son, Kush who ruled this area. Hindu kush acted as barrier between India and central Asia. Mahabharata epic gives us details of geography of India. Mahabharata is historical is proved by astronomical references of Bhagvat Puran. The position of Nava Graha mentioned in Bhagvat Puran is fully validated by science. It gives us timeline of war. Geographical details in Ramayana and Mahabharata could only be acquired by actual travelling. Writer Louis Jaccolliot says,“ Egypt received from India, its social institutions and laws”. Such was antiquity of Indian civilization, yet being ignored by Western writers because of their mind set.

Marine explorations, archeological excavations, Satellite images, Carbon dating, artifacts found and planetary archeology have dated some events as follows:--
    • 1. Bhirrana---oldest metropolis, 10000years.
    • 2 Dwarka---8000---9500 years.
    • 3. Rakhigarh , Garhi—A village in Hissar. It is site of pre indus civilization settlement, 6500BC.
    • 4. Lothal, Gujarat—3700BC. It had world’s earliest dock.
    • 5 Mehargarh-----7000BC.
    • 6. Ramayana----12000BC , Mahabharata 5561BC,Rigveda 6000BC --- by Nilesh oak.

An artistic impression of Lothal how it would have looked like
Now it is established Ram Setu existed and it is man-made. In August 1995 , 43 historians and archeologists fixed Mahabharata war between 3139BC---3138BC.Bhatnagar puts RAMA – Ravana war In 5076BC. Frawley puts early VEDIC---- Harappa between 6500BC-----3100BC.

Word Arya means people living by ideals as postulated by Vedas. It does not refer to any race or language Imaginary Aryan invasion of India in 1500BC is biggest bluff spread by western writers to negate Vedic civilization which preceded all other civilizations on this earth. This Aryan invasion of India now stands fully refuted. India has been cradle of human civilization. Vedic culture gave birth to a religion called Sanatan Dharma [Hinduism]. Hinduism unlike other religions does not demand blind faith but pursuit of TRUTH by dharmic means. This religion evolved over a period. This Vedic civilization spread from India to Europe via Iran before Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilizations. It also spread to Far East [Combodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia]. Bias of western writers towards this civilization needs to be removed. Misinterpretation of Vedas by Christian scholars needs to be corrected. Historical material in Puranas and Vedas needs to be analyzed and not ignored. Ancient dynasties who ruled ancient India need to be given due place in history. SCIENCE and Math originated in India and went to west via Iran. TWO GREAT epics have played significant role in nation integration.

It is really saddening to note that Indian universities still have western history books and western translations of Vedas and UPANISHADS. Acceptance of this western interpretation of Vedas amounts to self-betrayal. Tolerance should not mean acceptance of falsehood. Indian intellectuals need to rise,. correct the wrong doings of western writers and put Indian ancient history at proper pedestal.India is paying price for its misuse of philosophies. Varna system has been converted into caste system by greedy brahmins and religion turned into theoretical concept. Hinduism in west is reflected through lens of Abrahamic religions thus theological uniqueness of Hinduism is being totally compromised. India is a mix of spirituality and materialism, a point missed by west. Rigveda not only is history books but book speaking of human mind while Puranas give us traditional history.

Need of the hour is to rewrite ancient Indian history and recognize it. Aryan invasion theory needs to be debunked. Indian writers need to rely on manuscripts in Sanskrit and not rely on English translations of Vedas and Upanishads.

”Bhagvat Gita is perhaps the loftiest and the deepest thing that world has to show”.
*Dr. Makhan Lal Babu, Born and brought up in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir till his migration from valley in 1990. Retired as Professor and Head Neurosurgery from Institute of Medical sciences, Soura, Srinagar. Has published a lot of professional articles, both in national and international journals. His interests, besides medicine, are in Ancient history of Kashmir, Vedas and Ancient India. His focus is educating youth who are fast losing track of their glorious roots and culture.