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The poet Balmukund Vaishnavi Alias Balkrishan Sanyasi was born in August 1943 art Shashyar Habba Kadal, Srinagar, Kashmir. His father Pt. Gopi Nath Vaishnavi was the founding member of Hindu High School Badyar Srinagar and a close associate and friend of Pt. Dina Nath Koul ( Nadim). Balmukund Vaishnavi wrote his first Kashmiri poem in 1962 since then he is known as Balkrishan Sanyasi.

His poetic collection “ Shreh Te Veh” consists of 58 poems, 46 Ghazals and 28 four line poems.

In his poems he raises voice against human exploitation, sufferings and human tragedies. He is very clear and vehement about human sensibilities, psychological problems and philosophy of life. Balkrishan Sanyasi has also acted on stage several times and performed the role of LADISHAH (a humorist poet and singer) in KASHMIR FILE PROGRAM which was televised on Doordarshan Kendra, National Channel in Mid nineties for some time. Balkrishan Sanyasi left his Srinagar residence at Baghisunder Bala Chattabal in 1990 and is presently residing in Delhi

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